Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn is everywhere.

Just home from my autumn weekend. All things accomplished. Thrifting (amaaazing finds), wandering with the pup. A riverbed stroll with my Dad. Bites of fresh apples. De-stressed. Invigorated. Reignited. Filled with wonderment, curiosity, and hope.

This is a view of the street from the front porch.

 This is what you see if you walk off the porch, in to the yard a bit, and look up.

 This is the bridge we use as a shortcut to visit neighbors, across McClure Creek.

 This is the view of our little Berghaus as you come up the road.


A daytime moon.

Mostly green tomatoes.

A river walk with Pa and Pup.

Pigeon River.

 For some reason, I took pictures of my feet a bit:
My feet on river rocks.

My feet near the creek.

My personal favorite, my feet on my favorite reading rock.


Faith said...

Seriously lovely. I am so homesick!

i'm cathy. said...

GREAT picture! now I'm ready for some fall weather and apple cider

i'm cathy. said...

pictures. plural.

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