Tuesday, June 9, 2009

White Dresses.

Piggybacking on yesterday's "Black & White" post, today's theme is white dresses.

I was fortunate enough to become the owner of not one, but two, white dresses a few weeks ago (sponsored by my awesome mother). I don't have photos of them, but maybe that can be a future post.

I am on an endless quest for the perfect white dress. What is prettier on tanned summer skin than white? Nothing, that's what. My idea of a perfect summer day is spending the morning and afternoon at the beach, getting sandy and salty, and then coming home, scrubbing clean and putting on a gorgeous white dress for a night on the town.

Here's some inspiration:

Audrey Tautou in Priceless

Diane Kruger is a pro at rocking the white dress.

Oh Gwynnie, you do no wrong.

My problem is that I love all styles...vintage lace, draped Grecian, structure...it's all so pretty that I'll never be able to decide on a look.


Anonymous said...

I think it really depends on your figure and where you'll be going in it! I think grecian is nicest for laid back summer wear...I DO NOT like that dress on Gwyneth, it doens't fit her or suit her and is far too short!

Sabrina said...

I agree that the dress would probably work best on someone shorter, but Gwyn's got such great legs that she deserves to show 'em off!

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