Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today I am a quarter of a century old. It's strange that 25 years of my life have passed, because I still feel like a little kid in so many ways. I still sometimes feel that I lack the common sense, quick wit and wisdom that being an adult, being in a career, being in a relationship, requires.

As much as I make fantasy wish lists filled with stuff and things...another pair of shoes and another ruffly dress...I also have a fantasy wish list of what I want for the next (at least) 25 years of my life:

* The courage to voice my opinion, despite fear of disapproval or judgement
* The fairness to not judge others harshly
* The ability to listen, and not always have to be in the center of things
* The openness to meeting new people and building friendships
* To nourish a relationship with myself, to make certain that I'm growing as an individual
* The ease to not have to worry about the future, but also not give up on the things I know I want for the future of my life
* Accepting criticism and being able to laugh at my mistakes
* Continuing a friendship with my parents, sister and other family members

Let's see how many of these things I get...

Oh, and here's a birthday party favor. It's Birds in Warped Time II, composed by Somei Satoh and performed by Anne Akiko Meyers:

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