Friday, January 16, 2009

500 Days of Summer

Have you heard about this movie?

Here's the premise: The film tells the story of the relationship between a woman, Summer (Deschanel), who doesn't believe in true love and a man, Tom (Gordon-Levitt), described as a hopeless romantic, who falls in love with her. Over a span of 500 days, it is told from the perspective of Tom, who is influenced by pop music and breaks out into song throughout the movie. (Thanks!)

Here's Joseph Gordon-Levitt's take on his character:

“He’s a hopeless romantic, a lovesick young man who falls in love with [Zooey's character] Summer, and he gets dumped. The thing is, the movie is all from the point of view of this guy, and this guy has watched way too many movies and listened to far too many pop songs. So his life becomes a pop song.”

I know this probably isn't the most mind-blowing plot, but I think it could be the perfect summer film (releases July 24). It's a romantic comedy and it stars Zooey. That's great in itself, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also pretty adorable and a great actor. To cap those things, I've read on some blogs that this film takes cues from Annie Hall and High Fidelity. All of these factors could either make this movie a new favorite, or disappoint me so much that I bitterly turn my shoulder on Zooey and Joseph and never look back. Let's hope it's the former, rather than the latter.

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