Friday, December 19, 2008

Stuff and Things and I Love Materialism...

The lastest and greatest Christmas Wish Collage:

Newest Wish List by waitforthesignal

Also, I love yellow.

I love "Yellow"

But I also LOVE the color yellow:

Eva Mendes's Bill Blass Spring 2009 dress is so eye-catching with the great silhouette, the floral print and the jeweled neckline. Besides that, yellow is such a happy color!

Like this amazing headband from House of Telsa:

Doesn't it make you smile?


Alexandrialeigh said...

I LOVE that headband! LOVE!

And I thought Eva's dress was gorgeous, too. I can't wear that shade of yellow, but she looks lovely in it.

Sabrina said...

I know...I wish I'd seen the headband earlier, and I could have totally put it on my Christmas Wish List.

Good thing my birthday's only two weeks after I know what to ask for!

LauraBlogs said...

The dress Eva is wearing is amazing. She has great style and has a wonderful sense of what looks good on her. I love that she is constantly playing with bold colors.

Are you in Charlotte for Christmas?? If so, come to Anthropologie at South Park to visit me! I just started Tuesday and we have A TON of stuff on sale (including some sweet winter jackets). Plus I would just like to see you!

Sabrina said...

I am in Charlotte for Christmas! Amanda and I are planning on braving the crowds on Friday...will you be working?

If not, maybe we could get a drink one evening!

LauraBlogs said...

Yes, I am working 9-6 on Friday. It's going to be crazy! We should do drinks Friday sometime after I get off, I'd love to see you guys (and I'm sure I'll need a few drinks by then).

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