Sunday, January 30, 2011

How I'd Wear It.

When it comes up that I'm in to thrifting and vintage, some people say that they can't figure out how to wear old things or put them together. I thought I'd put together some things from seek vintage, because what's more fun than playing with clothes? (Actually, some things, including boys and champagne, are more fun, but that's beside the point.)

blazer, blouse, skirt (coming soon to seek vintage), bag, shoes

blouse, skirt, bag, shoes (coming soon to seek vintage)

dress, Stuart Weitzman shoes (coming soon to seek vintage), pup (not for sale)

I think I'll do posts like this more frequently, so if you see something at seek vintage and are wondering how I'd wear it, email me at or leave a comment, and I'll show you!

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