Thursday, January 20, 2011


New year, old idea. Frankly, I miss my LiveJournal. I miss just slightly over-sharing and name-dropping and philosophizing and rambling and throwing pity parties and celebrating the small things. I'll never be one of those gals with a dream-like, photogenic life, but I am someone whose garrulousness and awkwardness allows me to take part in some random situations, and I feel like sharing them on a public platform for the time being.

So follow me as I navigate the late-20-something waters with all the dignity and maturity of a 17-year-old.

For example, did I mention the time I joined (last week)? As you, dear reader(s), may or may not know, I am a social networking addict. In my more emo, pre-Facebook days, I was at one time a member of MakeoutClub (I can't believe this still exists) and other such sites. That, combined with my enjoyment of posting flattering pictures of myself  on the internet, and all the stories of people whose best friend's third cousin met the love of their life through an online dating site started getting to me. The idea of being able to be a voyeur into the lives of some of Charleston's single guys was too much to resist. Anyhow, once I joined, I lasted all of four days. I didn't respond to a single email, wink, favorite list, poke, cattle-prod and other such methods of semi-passive-aggressive flirting from random shirtless (and clothed) dudes in the Charleston area.

I give many congratulations to the people who have met the love of their lives online, and I do believe it's possible. I, however, was entertained yet completely weirded out by messages like, "How would you like to spend some time with an Italian Bad Boy???" or three consecutive messages from a 42-year-old with three children...the first two messages detailing his life and childhood, and the third telling me that he was so excited by me (though I hadn't communicated with him in any shape or form) that he sent my picture to his mother and brother. A day later, he wrote again, juuuust to check in.

Upon canceling a membership, makes you choose from a list of reasons why you're leaving.  No matter which selection I chose, I felt like a jerk. One was phrased like: "The selection isn't good enough here. I am looking for perfection." I could almost hear the seeping disdain in that choice.

Here are the selections I wish they offered me:

* Too many Republicans
* Not enough guys who know the difference between your/you're and their/there/they're
* Only solid profile belongs to best friend of someone I sort of dated
* I don't count hunting/four-wheeling as my top activities and would probably be a total bore to most
* I'm too awkward

Needless to say, until there is an online dating site for nerdy yet mildly attractive people who enjoy word games, music, and historical anomalies, I doubt I will foray into the land of online dating again.

However, this will give me tons more time to drink wine and over-share my personal life on my blog, so there's that.

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