Monday, November 15, 2010

Lowcountry Artist Market weekend

I can't even describe how fantastic this past weekend was. But I'll try anyway.

Cathy and David came into town lateish on Friday and we woke up bright and early to head to the Music Farm to set up our booths. We got to be booth neighbors!

Here are some pictures I borrowed from the Music Farm's album on the event:
David's ingenious lamps made from ink cartridges. His Charleston lamp was the talk of the town.
Cathy's awesome jewelry display and me looking concerned, for some reason.
My mannequin-turned-belts/jewelry-holder.

Seek Vintage! Someone has visibly messed up my scarf pile. I don't know how many times I referenced the end of Romy &  Michelle's High School Reunion ("Let's fold scarves!").
My little vintage nook after it had been shopped a bit.

I think we all had a successful day. Now I think I'm a craft/vintage fair addict. I'm already thinking about ideas for displays and streamlining the look of things for the next one (two words: wooden hangers).

After that, Cathy and David accompanied me to an open house for these cute little condos I'm seriously considering. After some rest and relaxation at home for a bit, we stepped out to Monza for some sangiovese, antipasto, and delicious pizzas and to Closed for Business for an after-dinner drink.

Sunday, Cath and David made a bangin' breakfast and we wandered around King Street. It was especially cool because it was one of those Sundays where they shut down the street to cars and you can walk in the very middle of the street if you want to.

Suede flats were purchased (me), sexy boots were purchased (Cathy), a cute headband was purchased (me, again), and it was, I think, a fantastic day.

Check out David and Cathy's sweet Etsy shop,  Lowell & Louise.


Erica said...

We're looking into Longborough too! Do you know where we can get an application??

Sabrina said...

The info's at home, but I'll email this eve.

i'm cathy. said...

yaaaay! great and successful weekend!

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