Saturday, December 4, 2010

Primary Colors: Three Vintage Finds

Diane von Furstenberg map shirt (1980s) SOLD

Aileen Pennington ruffle blouse (1960s) SOLD

Renee Marciel Originals silk dupioni cocktail dress (1950s) SOLD

I got to do a few Goodwill thrifting trips while in North Carolina for Thanksgiving. I love seeing these primary colors hanging alongside each other. I'll be posting more of my finds on the blog and on seek vintage in the next few days.


davidwinton said...

Hot damn!

Alexandrialeigh said...

Any of these from GoodwillSP stores? I hope?!

Sabrina said...

The top and bottom shirts are from the Mooresville Goodwill, but the middle dress is from the Weddington Rd. one!

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