Sunday, September 26, 2010

Imported from Durham/Chapel Hill.

I found some great dresses a few weeks ago when I was visiting Chapel Hill:

My first find of the weekend was this amazing 1960s cocktail dress by Marji Low. Dark brown lace overlay on an off-white sheath, with black, shimmery swirl detail. It was pointed out that this dress could be extremely...romantic... since it requires someone else to both fasten and unfasten (there are hooks and snaps under the black bows on the back of the dress). I'm still debating whether I'll have the strength to actually sell this dress.

This 1970s peasant-style dress is flowy and totally comfortable. I love this one too. I love the little button details and the easy fit.

Check seek vintage later this week to see these dresses and more!


Lauren said...

These are fantastic! You found these in Chapel Hill??!

Sabrina said...

The lace dress is from that Goodwill-type place in Durham off 15-501, I think. On the way to Target.

The flowy dress is from the PTA Thrift in the Whole Foods shopping center.

I loves me some thriftin'.

Lauren said...

Oh yes, I remember our trip to that Goodwill. Who would think it was such a treasure trove!

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