Monday, August 16, 2010

A North Carolina weekend.

Yesterday I returned from an eventful weekend in the Triangle. My darling, gorgeous, babette of a best friend moved back to the Thrill and I got to stay at her adorable house. I completely forgot to take pictures of the bedroom upstairs--the geeky 12-year-old in me flipped out when I saw it. It's basically the bedroom of Anne of Green Gables. Little does Amanda know that I'll be haunting that upstairs bedroom like a ghost.

One of the highlights of the weekend was lounging around for a little bit before running errands and shopping and our friend's bachelorette party madness. I'm so glad my gal's back in the South!

Maxin', relaxin'.

My namesake, Zelda P., joined in on the max/relax plan.

Tuna lounged too.

We went shopping later on, and I found these sweet Dolce Vita for Target studded oxfords in Durham. I think I'm going to return them, though, because....

...when I was in Wisconsin, I found these amazing oxfords at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store. ($2!) They make me feel like Kate Hepburn.

Anyhow, it's always fabulous going back to Chapel Hill. It always feels just the same, but different.


Erica Jackson said...

You have the best thrifting luck!! Those shoes are amazing. How's Seek Vintage going?

Sabrina said...

Thanks, Lady! Stinge seems to always have some pretty amazing finds also.

As for Seek, I've been out of town every weekend lately, so I'm going to use this weekend to finally photograph some more things and put them up on Etsy. But so far, so good!

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