Friday, March 5, 2010

Let's Go to the Mall.

Has anyone noticed that Banana Republic has taken some serious styling notes from J. Crew?

If you told me the images above were from J. Crew, I wouldn't even question it. Is Banana Republic having an identity crisis?

On another note, how cute are some of the Lela Rose for Payless things?

Neilson Bow Flats, $29.99

Paloma Clutch, $29.99

And on the note of spin-off collections, the only thing I'm really dying to own from the Liberty for Target line is this romper:


i'm cathy. said...

totally just bought those lela rose flats today.

Sabrina said...

Are they as cute in real life?

i'm cathy. said...

very cute... and actually very well made. kinda dressier than i thought they'd be. but that helps justify paying the slightly higher price for a payless shoe. They will be my dress-up flats!

Sabrina said...

Well, I give you two thumbs up on that buy.

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