Saturday, March 6, 2010

O-Ku Sushi

I got the chance to make a quick stop by O-Ku's media preview today. In case you Charlestonians haven't heard, O-Ku (Japanese for "Oak") is the Chef Brett McKee-backed sushi restaurant opening March 18 in the old Waterworks space on the corner of King and Radcliffe (Upper King, holla!).

Picture this: dark wood, soft light, over-sized mirrors and the best quality sashimi this side of Nobu. The vision behind O-ku is that they pride themselves in the quality of their seafood--either locally sourced or shipped fresh from Hawaii and Japan--so they are keeping the decor low-key and their food free of any ingredients that muddle the palate. For example, their offerings today were clean, fresh, and surprising in some of their combinations. Their chef prepared yellowfin tuna with jalapeno and flounder with chive and citrus. Each bite allowed you to actually taste the fish and appreciate the unique ingredient pairings.

O-Ku opens just in time for the tail end of Charleston Fashion Week, and if today's sneak peek showed anything, it's that there isn't going to be an open reservation in sight for a while. Add this place to your "must visit" list.

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