Monday, July 8, 2013

Out of Practice.

I bought one of those e-coupon thingies the other week for a deal on an unlimited month at Mission Yoga.  I've been dying to get back in to yoga, as it has fallen by the wayside over the past months (year?).  In fact, a lot has fallen by the wayside, including this blog. In the place of clearing my mind by moving my body and writing,  I've filled far too much time with a lot of less-than-pleasant habits (obsessive worrying and other neurotic things that are too embarrassing to share, even with a blog that probably has no readers left).

So I'm trying to scratch and stretch my way back to the surface, out of the murkiness of uncertainty. The future is unpredictable. I am going to try my best to do what all yogis recommend -- live in the moment, clear my mind and set a positive intention. As I try to move my stiff body back into those  once-familiar poses, I hope it will also help clear the cobwebs from the creative corners of mind and help me have a more positive outlook on the day-to-day.


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