Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year.

 This New Year's Eve, we hid out at home and let a serious party animal entertain us:

(Pip is modeling the past three years of New Year's chapeaus from St-Germain... they're the best)

 We made a stop to our favorite cheese shop, goat. sheep. cow., and got a bevy of treats to snack on till midnight.

 (Maya brought a lot of hope into 2013... hope that we'd step away from the table and not miss a slice or three of soppressata.)

(Our few guests looked great for the occasion but didn't add much to the conversation.)

We downed our champagne, lit off a few fireworks and called it a night. Besides the fireworks, it wasn't much different than many other nights we've spent at home, but over breakfast, we talked about our resolutions and they've geared us up for taking on 2013, head first.

(New Year's Day calls for a port-infused French toast brunch with Bloody Marys and lots of bacon.)

One of my resolutions was to writewritewrite just for myself and also a little more in this blog, and so I am haltingly, falteringly starting again.

And tomorrow (or, in about four hours, rather), Steven and I will be taking on another of my resolutions!

Happy 2013!

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