Monday, May 28, 2012

Road trippin'.

We launched our long weekend in Chapel Hill with a meandering drive through South Carolina, avoiding major highways and stopping in thrift stores and junk stops along the way (shout-out to Camden, SC, and one of the most vintage-packed Goodwill stores I've ever seen). We even stopped for ice cream at the World's Largest Strawberry, which was the jam. I don't know if you're able to observe the unbridled excitement that Maya and I were feeling, but trust me, it was there. 

Once we got to Chapel Hill, we were stuffed to the gills: delicious dinners at Vimala's and Acme, drinks at Lantern,  lunch at NanaTaco,  and homemade brunch at Amanda and Reid's house. 

We took a morning walk around UNC Chapel Hill, went thrifting around Durham, hugged puppies, and admired the amazing handiwork of Cathy and David and their incredible home renovations. I love watching their progress and it makes me so eager to have a home of my own to play with one day.

As it often does, the weekend flew by at lightning speed, and I'm feeling that familiar homesickness of having left some of the greatest friends a gal can have. Already looking forward to the next visit!

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