Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being my own model.

This is a 1940s evening dress that I found recently. A royal blue full-length slip goes under a sheer, beaded dress. Both the top dress and slip have side zippers. This dress is not in perfect condition and has a few holes and tears, so I may just keep it just to look at and sigh over.

This is the turquoise goddess dress from a previous post. An armless mannequin doesn't really do this dress justice. The beaded collar on this dress is all the jewelry you'd need, but a little extra bling never hurt anybody.

This mod little dress is something else. The beaded pockets and neckline are so intricate. I also love the barely-there tint of sea foam/spring green. 

After watching all the episodes of Mad Men all over again in anticipation for its Match 25 season 4 premiere, I have even more appreciation for this dress. If Joan weren't a redhead, she would have totally worn this dress.

This 1940s navy day dress is so delicate and lovely. It is completely sheer, so it would need to be paired with a full slip. The lace collar is in perfect condition and the same lace lines the sleeve edges.

This 1940s party dress reminds me of something from the English Regency period. It's silk satin with the most lovely swirly details. I also really like the open back and girly sleeves.

This taffeta and velvet 1960s wiggle dress is my most recent find. It also comes with a velvet and beaded sleeveless top/vest, but I like the dress by itself much better. Simple and structured.

This 1940s/1950s day dress is such a favorite. It's comfortable, flattering and in perfect condition.

This 1950s/early 1960s beaded cocktail dress has a little bit of discoloration, possibly from sun damage, but it's nothing that a little box of Rit dye couldn't fix. That back draping detail is something else.

Most, if not all, of these dresses (along with a lot more vintage clothing) will be available for ogling next Saturday at the Lowcountry Artist Market at the Music Farm!

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