Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting away.

Remember when I blogged nearly every day? Yeah, me neither. It's been ages. I'd really like to get this little blarg back to something that holds all my pleasant memories, and not just pages of pictures of clothes on a dress form (though there will surely still be those things too).

We've been traveling out of town so much over these past weeks. Some of my favorite people have gotten married. Six of them, actually. All to each other (In three different sets, not all together--what do you think we are? Some kind of hippies?).

At the last minute, we decided to join my family up at the mountain house. We haven't been since Fourth of July, and decided we were overdue for another trip. Plus, Waynesville has its adorable Apple Harvest Festival. If you've never been to a small mountain town during a festival--well, then you're missing out.

I've forgotten how to pack for weather like this, so I've thrown everything remotely seasonal into my suitcase. 37 degrees? I'm so ready.

On a final note, here is a song that totally gets me ready for the weekend:

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