Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer 2011 Lowcountry Artist Market

We're in the home stretch! Only four days until this season's Lowcountry Artist Market! I'm so excited about my finds for the seek vintage table:

* an "Original Milly of New York" pink camisole
* a pink 1970s Diane von Furstenburg nightgown with a slightly risque lace cutout
* a bright yellow 1980s Christian Dior blouse with buttons all the way down the back
* airy silk blouses galore (it's HOT out there!)
* all sorts of skirts in bright candy shades
* vintage Coach and Dooney & Bourke leather goods
* sequins and beading and neon, oh my

There are lots of other new additions, but I'm not including photos because, well, you'll have to come and see for yourself!

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