Saturday, September 17, 2011

All shapes and sizes.

Added a handful of new things to seek vintage, with no particular theme in mind. Well, there is one theme, I guess. I LOVE everything and am fighting to not keep this all in my own closet.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing dress-up.

I am 27 years old, and I have a dress-up box. Maybe a future blog post will be dedicated to its contents. If you're curious, this is one of its items. I also occasionally like to put on my senior prom dress, just for kicks.  If you're someone who appreciates the joy of playing dress-up, then you might enjoy this gown I listed on seek vintage SOLD:

The tint of these photos isn't 100% accurate. The blue is actually lighter--almost a seafoam green. The skirt swishes when you walk, and the side zipper and hooks squeeeeeeeze your waist into its tiniest size. My dress up box is weeping that this isn't one of its contents, but I'm hoping this dress goes to a high school girl with a romantic heart--someone who has vintage sensibilities and wants to dance the night of her winter formal or prom away on the shoulder of a handsome gent with a side part and a dimpled smile.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All of the Lights.

Lights are hung on the back porch. Friends, come over so that we can have a partytime!

Get structured.

I have a serious addiction to outerwear. It could be 102 outside, mid-August, with 80% humidity, and you'll find me in the back of a stuffy thrift store, trying on wool blazers. That's just how I roll. I think no piece of clothing does more work than a good jacket. Crisp shoulders, a slightly popped collar...I need to stop because I'm getting shivers. Anyway, I've added two deliciously tailored blazers to seek vintage. Expect many more to be posted as the temperatures dip below 80. (I have, in my possession, the most amazing black blazer ever made. Size 4. Austin Reed. Fits like...well, like an impeccably tailored blazer. Deciding whether I can part with it.)

And for those of you who are at the opposite end of the tailored spectrum, here is an adorable slouchy polka-dotted blazer to delight your hearts:

Liz Claiborne Petites blazer, size Petite 4 SOLD

Monday, September 12, 2011

Out-there Dresses.

I generally try to avoid kitschy vintage looks unless there is something compelling about them. Lately, I've been gravitating toward patterned 1960s-1970s dresses. I think they'd make such an interesting look this autumn, with their bold prints peeking out of blazer cuffs and collars and layered over textured tights and the perfectly worn riding boots now living in the back of all of our closets.

By the way, seek vintage now has a Tumblr! Visit for product photos, vintage inspiration, treasure hunting photos and whatever else tumbles out.