Wednesday, March 26, 2008

SideShow Fashion Show

Whew! Why is it that everytime I get busy, I always ignore my poor little blog?

This past Saturday, I was in an amazing fashion show. It's sort of the locals' response to Charleston Fashion Week, sponsored by Charleston Magazine. SideShow had a great was edgy, energetic and all-in-all amazing. The SideShow was broken up into two parts:

Part I: A series of mini-shows from local boutiques Max Jerome, B'zar, and Global Awakening. The clothes were fabulous and the models brought so much excitement and energy. B'zar brought the blacklight, breakdancing, and trendy neon clothes (and those glasses Kanye West was sporting in the recent past).

Then there was a break and The V-Tones performed. I'm sure they were amazing...I wouldn't know. I was backstage, chugging champagne to chase the nerves away.

Then came Part II: Leigh Magar had a mini-show of her incredible hats. She had a bird theme with feathered hats and models carrying birdcages. Lovely. Next, was Philadora. My co-worker, Margaret, modeled for Philadora and did a fantastic job. They had a 1970s theme with feathered hair, bright makeup and even brighter dresses, ruffled rompers and short-shorts. Following Philadora was Rose Knot, who made a backless dress that was to die for. I modeled for the final show of the night...Spinster Studio. I was so nervous that I didn't act as dramatic as I would have liked...more touching the face than anything else. See, we were supposed to toss the typical runway walk out the window and try to be more like dolls on strings, forced to go down the runway. Anyway, I give myself props for not throwing up and dashing off the stage.

Here's a photo of me going down the runway:
For more photos of the models and the Catwalk, visit Kevin Hoth's website: Orange Man Creative.

Just because the show's over doesn't mean my time with Charleston fashion is done! Charleston Fashion Week started yesterday and Margaret and I have tickets to the Emerging Young Designers show on Friday night and tickets to the Gala on Saturday night. Wheeeew! I've been quoting Santino from Project Runway all week, reminding myself to "lighten up, it's just faaaashion..."

And speaking of Project Runway, one of Charleston Fashion Week's special guests is Jillian Lewis from the recently ended season of Project Runway. While Christian is amazing and talented, I would have worn almost everything from Jillian's collection, making her a winner in my eyes. Hopefully I'll get a chance to tell her so!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

skirt! News

Hello Blogworld!

I just want to introduce you to our website. We have blogs, videos, essays, and other random stuff. Plus, we're always adding to and changing content and updating with new things.

My skirt! blog is here.

You should also check out our videos! Margaret and I, and sometimes even our intern, Gervase, do ridiculous things in the name of feminism and plain-old good times. Sometimes the page acts funny, so you may have to scroll down to see the videos.

If you have some spare time, we'd love for you to drop by, register, and comment on what you think!